Franchise Opportunity

Who are we? 

We are industry leaders in temperature data logging and temperature mapping certified by FDA CFR 11 and ISO 9001. Inspired Technology has been in this industry for more than 10 years and has served pharma companies that are exporting all over the world. Today we are calling engineers or engineering diploma holders to join our journey. 

What we are offering you? 

For students or professionals who belong to an engineering background and are directly or indirectly associated with the pharma industry, we are leasing our products to you. You will have access to all our state-the-art data logging products that are approved by WHO PQS and fully compliant. We are also offering our IoT system, latest state-of-the-art products LoRa IoT- cold chain systems with a dedicated platform as SaaS available on App Store and Google Play store. 

You can use our products for temperature data mapping or data logging to work with manufacturers of cold chain medicines and earn a substantial income! 

We are looking for young & talented individuals who are willing to learn & grow. 

We are specifically looking for Indian candidates- 

  1. Hyderabad 
  2. Gujrat 
  3. Pune 
  4. Goa 
  5. Dehradun 
  6. Panchkula 

What perks are there for you? 

  1. NO INVESTMENT is required in undertaking this franchise role. 
  2. You will be provided with 3 weeks of training in using our FDA-approved products. 
  3. 50-50 division of profit division. 
  4. You can work according to your pace


Email your details on the following Email-ID and we will get back to you