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FAQs Calibrations

Dickson, Phi Sigma Calibration recommends

What is Calibration?

A calibration is a comparison between two measurements. Dickson’s calibration lab will compare a device (unit under test) with a more accurate device (the standard). The standard tells us exactly where 70°F, 0°C, 137°F, etc. are. After the comparison is made we adjust the device under test so it reads the same as the standard

Why Do You Need to Re-Calibrate?

Over time, due to natural wear and tear, temperature sensors lose their pinpoint accuracy. Environmental factors such as dust, dirt, and humidity can negatively affect a sensor’s accuracy. This is called drift. These devices won’t read 95°F in a refrigerator that feels cool, but they may be off by a few degrees. For many applications, this small difference matters. When you calibrate your device you are accounting for the natural drift of the sensor.