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Just What the Doctor Ordered

When patients are in your care they expect you to put them first. That’s why having the right temperature monitoring in place can mean the difference between business as usual and a costly lawsuit.

Public Health

You work to keep the population safe from illness and injury. Monitoring government clinics provides healthy opportunities to those who wouldn't otherwise have access.


You have a personal relationship with patients. They know you and you know them. Don't risk the relationship by giving medication that's spoiled due to temperature.


As you work to further research, it's important to monitor all variables to ensure replication. That means reliable environmental tracking is imperative to guarantee reproduction.

Pharmaceutical customers often ask about...


Meet your 21CFR11 and other compliance needs with unique user accounts, detailed audit logs, and security that rivals Fort Knox.


Access your data at any time without having to be onsite to collect it. It's how you can manage a single clinic or an entire network.


Loggers provide visible verification that temperatures have been within the desired range throughout deployment.


Our products alert you when something goes wrong so your team is free to work. Charts and pens are a thing of the past