The Right Prescription

Temperature Monitoring and Management of Cold Chain Drugs and Bio-Logical samples is an essential step in insuring safe distribution to the end-user


The manufacturing process is a complex one. Inactive ingredients are added during the process to ensure consistency, and a consistent product requires a consistent environment.

Storage & Transportation

Your products are created with care and deserve the same care in storage. Remaining compliant means monitoring any fluctuations in your facility's temperature and humidity.


As you work to further research, it's important to monitor all variables to ensure replication. That means reliable environmental tracking is imperative to guarantee reproduction.

Pharmaceutical customers often ask about...


Loggers provide visible verification that temperatures have been within the desired range throughout deployment


Replaceable sensors make re-calibrating a device as simple as swapping out batteries


Whether it's one device or a thousand, collect and organize your data in a single hub.


Meet your 21CFR11 and other compliance needs with unique user accounts, detailed audit logs, and security that rivals Fort Knox.