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Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

Accurate cold room temperature data, anywhere you are.

Why Choose AHGT?

Our loggers don’t just get the job done, they simplify the job from start to finish. It means you can busy yourself with other tasks, confident that your cold storage monitoring needs are met.

Alerts and alarms

Get your weekends back with 24/7 mobile alerts, via text, call, or email, that notify you and your team as soon as your cold room temperature is out of range.

Always-on data

Know your products are always at the optimal storage temperature with reliable data backed up to a cloud app you can check anywhere from any web connected device.

Temperature mapping

Our cold storage temperature mapping finds your hot and cold zones, so you can be confident your products are placed in the safest spot in the conditions demanded.

Take Back Control

Our loggers give you the comfort of knowing that you have total cold room temperature control
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Come in From the Cold

With a DicksonOne enabled system, you can get alerts sent automatically to your phone when temperatures go out of range, so you can save your temperature dependent product before it’s lost. And, when data’s needed in a pinch, you have access to your data at the swipe of a finger.

Cloud-based Environmental Monitoring System

With DicksonOne, you only need to look as far as your phone to know your cold room is functioning properly. Beyond the app, get wireless data collection, 24/7 alerts, and access to unlimited storage on the cloud for the life of your account. Help Me Access My Data Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud Enabled Data Logger

These devices give you accurate, up to the second readings on whatever they’re measuring, and, with access to the DicksonOne cloud, you can take full advantage of the features of a cloud based monitoring system.

There’s a Map to Every Destination

Our services division offers in house mapping to ensure that your validation qualifications are met and everything is working as defined. It’ll keep auditors off your back and help you keep moving forward.