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Inspired Technology

Inspired Technology offers a unique portfolio of products and services which are designed to monitor and manage the cold chain of world’s most temperature and humidity sensitive products in the food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Our extensive range of validated temperature monitors, software, and customized services helps customers all over the world to collect, analyze and interpret critical data which enables continuous improvement in cold chain management process. By ensuring fast and accurate flow of data, Inspired Technology delivers high quality of products, strictly adhere to rigorous regulatory requirements.


Our Services

Inspired Technology has been helping organizations with their Mapping needs for almost a century. Now, our team of experts is taking compliance one step further by offering time-saving services. We’ll help manage your compliance process from start to finish, leaving you with proper documentation and peace of mind.


Inspired Technology will help keep your organisation fully compliant while streamlining your operations and protecting sensitive goods with our mapping services.


Inspired Technology experts install and implement your new system. With best practices specific to your Organisation, you’ll know it’s been done right. 

Cold Chain Shipper Box

When strict movable environmental conditions are required, it’s important to have trusted boxes that have been validated with international Standards.


When controlled environmental conditions are required, it’s important to have trusted accurate sensors that have been calibrated to traceable 17025 standards.


With a wide range of applications and a host of features, inspired technology’s wide range data loggers are cost-effective solutions for monitoring any required area

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Inspired Technology
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Our product experts are available via email and live chat to provide with your environmental monitoring needs. Speak with someone directly you may email to sales@inspiredtechnology.co

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Our technical experts are available via email and live chat to provide assistance with data acquisition devices.To speak with someone directly you may email to mohamed@inspiredtechnology.co

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