12V DC AC Car Freezer with Digital Display and Trolley Handle

Our customers can now enjoy a better user experience for car fridge freezer with lower noise and lighter weight compressor. High quality and competitive price bring us good reputation, and our products are now popular in U.S, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.


Product Name Portable Car Freezer
Model No. HT-TA 55
Description ❄DC compressor refrigerator, AC to DC adaptor included.
❄3.5 meter DC power cable included.
❄Dual door opening direction.Anti-leakage inner tank.
❄Electronic control, LED display.Fully insulated body.
❄Anti-vibration design.Rain proof design.
❄Option for rechargeable portable battery pack,LG compressor.
❄Temperature range from -20ºC~20ºC