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Protecting Your Most Important Assets- People

Protecting people through better hygiene and health has been key for us.  A key way of doing this is preventing the spreading of germ in all areas of society- hospitals, schools, offices, public spaces and gardens. We offer this through a range of products including our exclusive distributor agreement through AH Group of PURELL, Celtex’s Tissue Paper Services etc. Protecting your most important assets has never been easier!



Whether it’s gels or wet wipes, you can trust us with our award winning and globally renowned Purell range. Hospitals, schools, clinics, offices have trusted in us over decades. As featured in Forbes magazine , we are obsessive about this and using our IoT technology since 2012 to ensure we reduce diseases by giving alerts on when dispensers run out of hand santiser. Just the simple act of washing hands can reduce incidents of common ailments by 60% according to the US Center Contact us now for your hygiene needs


We provide waste free, soft touch, environmentally friendly tissues from Italy to ensure your health and disease control requirements are met. Our range is vast with auto cut, center feed, couch rolls all the way to industrial tissue rolls for your needs. If you are interested in sourcing ecologically sustainable, high quality products please do get in touch with us.


Whether you’re new to AHGT or have been with us for years, our specialists are here for you. Click below to send us a message or call us at +971551022369.