Production Monitoring

If You Build It, Auditors Will Come

Why Choose AHGT?

Our loggers don’t just get the job done, they simplify the job from start to finish. It means you can busy yourself with other tasks, confident that your temperature and humidity monitoring needs are met.


Mobile notifications let you know when a variable is out of range, so you can be confident in your quality, whatever task your mind's on.


Review your data in easy-to-read reports, and add custom notations to your data to make production monitoring a snap.

21 CFR PART 11

With custom logins and uneditable data, our systems are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant as soon as you pull them out of the box.

Keep the Line Running

With on-demand reports and instant backups, you’ll have total quality assurance when the auditor comes.

Your job is hard. Let us simplify it.

The DicksonOne system lets you automatically send mobile alerts to the right people when temperatures go out of range, so they can save your contracted relationships before they’re lost. And, with automatic backups, you can tie each batch to its data, proving to your partners, and auditors, you have QA covered.

Let's Simplify Production Monitoring

You keep the line moving. We’ll simplify your monitoring.
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